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The INTDESTCOIN Project's Ecosystem

project's entire ecosystem, reviews, and analyses of the project's current and future status

​With Our Existing And Ongoing Systems, It Aims To Make The Current And Future Generations More Efficient With The Tools They Use Technologically In Their Activities In The Environment Of Working And Investment Security With The Safe Data Use Of Technology. We Aim To Be Known As The Light Of The Future.

Smart Contract

INTD is a blockchain-based ecosystem that validates value for anything without geographical location restrictions (the universe or metaverse).
The INTD decentralized smart contract is the cornerstone of the intellect smart content ecosystem.
The INTD ecosystem consists of three layers: the core, application customers, and business ambassadors.
The INTD platform enables individuals, organizations, and content developers to validate their value by allowing all participants to create, organize, validate content or verify transaction integrity through consensus building.

Financial bridge

INTD is the connecting coin of all INTDEST services. Services, each of which in turn is considered a big and separate project.
INTD efficiency in services:
It is a communication bridge between all INTDEST services, so that by having INTD coin, you can easily make the best use of the services with the lowest possible amount of capital.
If the INTD holder stakes it, he becomes a shareholder of all the services and income of INTDEST and earns a good income monthly after the fair distribution of profits.


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