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INTD is an ecosystem that validates value for anything, anywhere.
It has enabled the validation of any digital content with no geographic location restrictions.

Providing practical solutions

The intd platform solves the problems of users who want to increase transaction speed, improve transaction safety, reduce transaction costs, and make it easier for developers to build smart contracts. The platform aims to create the world’s first self-circulating system for digital currency.

It is not possible to make people use the coin for financial transactions. Coins are not meant to be used as a currency.

The platform introduces a solution to the high transaction fees. For holders who use the platform for daily transactions, the platform offers lower prices. Holders also get a higher cash back reward for sharing their coins with new users. The platform has a large audience because it is easy to use and profitable for people who share coins.

It is evident that people are looking to invest in both cryptocurrency and traditional assets. They want to buy low and sell high throughout the day.

They would like to be able to trade stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, and conventional assets at work. Furthermore, they would like to learn how to make money by trading assets.

Large businesses are interested in what INTD can do. They would like to know if there is a problem with how cryptocurrencies are created. They want to know how intd coin plans to change the existing state of affairs of cryptocurrencies by offering discounts and a dispute resolution platform.

XCHAIN Network

Revolutionary technology and design come together to create limitless performance. Experience fast speeds and seamless connectivity unlike anything you’ve ever seen.
The fastest and safest blockchain is breaking barriers and building a better tomorrow! Our vision is to bring blockchain services to everyone

What is XCHAIN?

The emergence of XCHAIN could represent a turning point in the realization of X project. XCHAIN is more than a single name and a blockchain. On the contrary, it is the strings of love and passion of a group of programmers who weave these strings into the X smart chain.


We have thought long and hard about our blockchain, XCHAIN. We had to choose a universally applicable phenomenon.

symbol ‘X’

In mathematics, ‘X’ is a basic arithmetic operation. We wanted to prove its ever-growing significance. We have also been unable to find a term to make people aware of the importance of our technology.

‘X’ Chain

Without name and secret logic in mind, we decided again on the symbol ‘X’. The name of our blockchain has been written in literature as ‘X’ Chain.


I think you’ve heard of XCHAIN before. Several blockchains with the same name have been created, but they haven’t made much progress. Only Avalanches x-chain has been able to continue working in its yard because of the strength of its network and EVM infrastructure, as well as the AVAX token. This is the default asset blockchain on Avalanche and enables the creation of new assets, the exchange of assets, and cross-subnet transfers.

But our XCHAIN is different, it’s your XCHAIN, of course!

The X network of INTD coin is a separate and flexible network, and is not based on EVM. Blockchain X is actually a type of advanced distributed ledger, capable of adapting to other blockchains.

X infrastructure is the technology of the future. Coins and tokens minted in it will be incredibly popular due to the very high processing speed, the lack of network difficulty, the significant reduction of pressure on miners, very low-energy consumption, and, as a result, the reduction of network wages.
Because transactions will be done within 0.8 seconds and with a fee of 0.00649.

X supports both Sidechain and Rollup. In addition to the Rollup function, transactions are processed as a group instead of individually, and then each group of these transactions is sent to the main chain of the network.

X aggregation solutions include: Optimistic, Plasma, Validium and ZK rollups. The main difference between these solutions is in the type of grouping of transactions and how to confirm them, but X’s switchable nature makes it possible to use the mentioned cumulative solutions intelligently and momentarily when the network speed drops or causes difficulty in it.

To increase the speed of transactions to an incredible number under 1 second with a thousandth percent fee.

X consists of 8 layers. Each layer has its responsibility. In addition to the 8 main layers, 2 secondary and reserve layers are ready to be implemented as a support force with a flexible function. 3 common layers are: Mandatory Execution Layer, Security Layer, Constellation Layer. At the beginning of X, you will get acquainted with the next layers. You will get to know the next layers at the X start.

X will be used in daily life a lot:

Payments, lending platforms, games, decentralized exchanges, Non-fungible tokens, Commit Chain scalability technology and…


INTD bank transaction rewards, reflection, and benefits

INTD bank is a customized digital banking service provider.
It is working to create a public bank platform, an open marketplace where small businesses and developers can create new financial solutions. Direct integration points with third-party apps and services will be offered by the intd bank.
An all-in-one platform called INTD enables and simplifies exchanges from the metaverse to the world. Flexible platform is a payment gateway for virtual goods in games and sites, it is a marketplace for buying and selling goods on the NFT market.

To earn profits, coin holders must pay equity and gas fees.

The intd coin can be used to earn cash rewards. The process incurs no cost and the more coins you have, the more tips you will earn. As interest in blockchain transactions continues to increase, the value will also increase.
The incentive is further bolstered by the cash award system mentioned above.
A small portion of the transaction fee is put into an exciting pool that is part of the intd bank so that intd coin holders can earn coins.
This is also an opportunity for everyone to get involved in our mission to democratize finance. By owning coins now, you can share in our profits and progress as this project grows.

Definition of the INTD function

We want to create a financial system that enhances ownership benefits and encourages people to exchange goods in the real world using intd.

Finance bridges and INTD

The following features are included in the intdest coin: fix income volatility risk, short selling and hedging tools. Exchange global cryptocurrencies using the most popular payment tools and use an optimal trading strategy from the best global investors.

INTD discount

INTD is based on X blockchains, and you will be rewarded for paying back. Whenever users send coins to another wallet, all holders get 1% of the coins back to their wallets. This will lead to widespread acceptance of the coin as a payment method.

Grows crypto assets

A portion of the transaction volume is distributed to each intd coin holder. The team tried to increase the coin’s value by burning 0.2% from every item purchased and 0.4% from each coin sale. Only a small part of the transaction volume (0.4% for coin sales and 0.2% for other items) is burned to make the coin more valuable and speed up the transaction time, which reduces the number of idle coins in circulation.

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